How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with our Student’s Union!

We encourage all of our members to enjoy all the opportunities that clubs and societies have to offer, to try new things and explore leadership and democracy experience. You can get involved with society committees, student officer roles and even look into the paid roles SUSU have to offer. There are a variety of ways you can engage in volunteering within the Students Union and into the wider community, so look at the voluntary roles available on committees and within the Union.

Fancy getting involved in the representation of the student body in your Student’s Union?

There are plenty of opportunities open to you to represent what you believe in. By engaging with the Students’ Union, you can be involved in conversations at higher levels both within our Union and the University. If you are passionate about social justice, democracy, education, accessibility, or just interested in seeing how we are run, then get involved. It looks great on your CV and provides excellent experience for life after university.

Autumn Elections nominations will be open from 28th September!

Check out the positions available to you in our Autumn Elections by clicking here and watch the videos below to find out more!