Who is in charge?

Sabbatical Officers

A Students’ Union is a unique work place as it is led by a team of five full-time Sabbatical Officers, who are elected annually by students to lead and direct the organisation and to represent students. In support of this is a group of full-time staff led by the CEO who works closely with the Union President to run the day to day offering of the Students’ Union.

The 2020/2021 Sabbatical team are:

Olivia Reed - Union President
Avila Chidume - VP Education
Corin Holloway - VP Activities
Nicole Akuezumba - VP Welfare and Communities
Sam Tweedle - VP Sports

In addition to the Sabbatical officers, we could not run without our many Student Officers and Representatives. They ensure that our students are listened to and supported.

Our Academic Representatives are there to listen and to relay any concerns and issues to staff and represent you to the University. We have a range of reps who represent you at every level, from Course Representatives to Academic Presidents to the five Faculty Officers.

If you would like to get involved in the representation of the student body, visit our How You Can Get Involved page under the Discover section.

Our CEO: Jim Gardner

Jim Gardner

Jim joined the Union as our CEO in July 2020, having completed his first degree at Southampton in the 90’s. After being Union President for two years, he has worked in the student world ever since. He has worked at a variety of Students’ Union’s and most recently worked at Kent Union for 20 years. Passionate about sport and charity fundraising, Jim is always trying to find new ways to fundraise for Students’ Union endeavours. With a new strategy, and new values – stand strong, join together and take responsibility – he is ready to jump into a new year of defining the purpose of our Union.

To find out more about Jim, click on his photo!